Controlling Gang Violence with Securus Technologies

At the prison that I work, gang violence has been on the rise in recent years. Me and my fellow officers work hard to try and lessen the threats, but we are outnumbered by the inmates 5:1 and they certainly have the luxury of time on their side. Being in the jail 24-hours a day allows these inmates to spot flaws in the system and then exploit them, and that means getting illegal contraband into their cells right under our noses.


To try and curb gang violence in our prison, Securus Technologies was authorized to install a new inmate call system that would help us to get ahead of the problem. We trust this company and all 1,000 employees because the have a reputation for working towards one goal, keeping the world safer for all. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his Dallas-based company is doing everything they can to increase safety in the jail, and we were eager to see if it could help in our situation.


Gang violence has been on the rise in our jail due in part to inmates being able to easily get their hands on weapons and drugs. We knew they were acquiring the items at the visitor center, but despite thorough searches, we could never completely eliminate the flow into the jail. Once the inmate call monitoring system was installed, we quickly learned how to work the LBS software and go to work.


Soon after the training sessions, that first month was a windfall for officers. We discovered conversations where gang members were talking about selling prescription drugs to other gangs in jail. We uncovered information on gang members showing up as visitors to pass to inmates. We were even able to locate exactly where these drugs were hidden inside the inmate’s cells.


David Giertz, Ohio Broker, Suggests Everyone Talk About Retirement

Across the country, millions of people plan on retiring. However, many have no idea how they are going to accomplish such a goal. They haven’t laid out a plan for their finances once they retire from their employer. David Giertz, a broker and financial advisor in Ohio, suggests that everyone has a conversation about retirement early on.

What is a person’s lifestyle?
A person’s lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of retirement on Bloomberg. Many people believe that they have the ability to live life even more luxuriously than when they were working. It is a common myth within retirement, according to David Giertz. Those who don’t take the time to talk about retirement are the ones who are the most disappointed when age 65 comes rolling around.

Where are the retirement funds coming from?
The retirement funds have to come from somewhere. David Giertz likes to focus on Social Security, but the reality is that it comes from all sorts of places. There might be an IRA, 401k, and much more. If they’re not already setup, they need to be. It doesn’t take a lot of time to talk about retirement, but it is a conversation that has to happen. When there are more income sources, it allows for the lifestyle that most people dream of.

With over 30 years of experience as a broker in Dublin, Ohio, David Giertz opens up the lines of communication and shows what people’s options are. It’s a conversation everyone needs to have, regardless of how old they are.

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Philanthropy Magazine Does An Interview With Educational Reformer, Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is a major educational reformer at the K-12 grade level. Mrs. Moskowtiz has managed to establish a massive network of charter schools in her hometown of New York City in just over a decade. It includes over 34 schools that have a student population of over 11,000 and growing. The name of her now famous charter school system is Success Academies.

The success of the Success Academies network is truly astounding. Five of the top 10 schools ranked highest in the state proficiency exam for mathematics come from Success Academy Charter Schools. In English, three Success Academy schools are in the top 20 for proficiency. While this may not seem all that impressive to some, you should consider this. The majority of Success Academy students come from poor families that live in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Eva Moskowitz grew up in Manhattan and successfully completed her K-12 schooling at the city’s Harlem Public School District. Her parents were both involved in academia and taught as professors. Eva Moskowitz herself has a PhD. degree which she completed at John Hopkins University.

Mrs Moskowitz recently ran for public office when she threw herself into the race for New York City councilwoman. Her main agenda was to improve the failing public schools of New York City which are some of the worst in the country. Eva Moskowitz is now viewed as a tough educational reformer who wants to hold teachers and administrators accountable for failing to perform. She also wants to raise the standards at the public schools.

Eva Moskowitz created the first Success Academy school in 2006 right in Harlem where she grew up. It was after she unsuccessfully managed to reform and change the existing educational status quo, that Moskowtiz decided to start her very own charter school system. Her Success Academy project was started and is being funded not by public money from the city and state, but mostly through philanthropists and other donors who want a better educational outcome for needy students.

The success of Eva Moskowtiz’s success academies has brought her fame and praise. It has also brought her the ire of the teacher unions of New York City and the wrath of Mayor De Blasio, who is a strong backer of the teacher unions. Moskowtiz shows not signs of stopping her educational reform crusade and despite opposition from public figures and unions is continuing to expand her charter school network.

Whitney Wolfe Expands Bumble

Whitney Wolfe knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to getting a better grasp on what people want to see in the app world. She started on her own by creating the Bumble app, and she has made it possible for a lot of people to become acquainted with dating in a world where the woman makes the first move.

For the Bumble BFF app she has created an environment where same-sex friends can make a decision on people that they would like to be friends with. This is not a dating app, but it is an extension of Bumble that applies the same methods in concerns to swiping.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to create an app with Bumble where people would be able to use the dating app for both friendships and dating, and everything would be denoted by colors. There would be a color of green for friends that were trying to connect with others that they thought they would like to become friends with. There would be the color yellow that would denote people that were interested in pursuing you romantically.

This is a great part of the innovation that comes with the dating app royalty that Whitney Wolfe has become a part of. She is one of the co-founders that helped start Tinder. This would be what would allow her to become one of the top technology dating app entrepreneurs under the age of 30. More than 40 million people will start using Tinder, and that would make it one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

After Whitney Wolfe departed Tinder she decided to build a business structure with Bumble that would Branch out from more than just dating. She would create the Bumble Bizz app that was designed for networking, and she would also build a Bumble BFF app for friendships. This was in addition to the original Bumble dating app that she decided to start. All of this was part of an elaborate plan to create a social media dynasty for the young generation that stays wired in.

Mike Heiligenstein ;Executive Director of the Central Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligenstein agrees with the editorial made by Viewpoint on September 3rd of 2015 on the traffic congestion rise in Austin. According to the article by Viewpoint, the only way to stop this was finding a tech solution. Heiligenstein, who works at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, claimed that the firm could be able to handle the tech solution needed by the people of Austin.


To back up this theory, Heiligenstein had to show some of the work that Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority had done. Some of the projects the enterprise handled include building the 183A which is a toll road in Ceder Park and Leander. The company was the one that also constructed the U.S. 290 Toll road found between Austin and Manor. The aim of the firm is to innovate the poor roads. Thus, the MoPac Express Lanes, being built, will use a sophisticated technology which will help the traffic to flow. Heiligenstein acknowledges that it is not possible to completely get rid of congestion, but the MoPac will help with easing the traffic jams. At the same time, the use of variable tolling will contribute in synchronizing the supply and demand which will assist in predicting the traffic flow.Learn more :


The firm is also dedicated to using technology solutions for the feature projects. That includes the making of smart roads like 183 South project that is being built between US 290 has fiber lines embedded. As a way of offering real-time alternative routes for commuters, the company has partnered with Metropia to create a mobile phone application. It is also working with carma which is a carpooling app to encourage those using the roads to share their rides. The firm looks at all angles to ensure that it has dealt with the traffic jams and people can commute smoothly.


Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Learn more :


The Mobility Authority is a government but an independent company that was founded in 2002. The aim of the enterprise is to improve the road systems in Williamson and Travis counties. The firm aims at coming up with innovative ideas and multi-modal solutions that will help in eliminating congestion and enhancing the quality of life.


Mike Heiligenstein is a graduate of the University of Texas and has a degree in business administration and government administration. He is the executive director CTRMA. The board gave him this position in 2003. Mike has been working as an elected official in Williamson Country for over 23 years to help with efforts like waste water, water expanding, and transportation. He started with Mobile authorities when it had no revenues and faced a lot of opposition. He has managed the company which now has over $4 billion in assets.



George Soros’ Relentless Fight against Authoritarianism

George Soros is a veteran of battles against authoritarianism and fight for human rights and free society. His struggle began at a young age when as a teenager he had to fight against the Hungarian Nazi regime of the early 40s. He managed to escape to London where he studied before coming to America to make a fortune. In 1984 he set up what is today known as the Open Society Foundation. His first duty was helping his native Hungarians reprint banned publications by supplying copying machines to civil society groups, libraries, and universities. Visit his site to know more at

After the Berlin Wall had fallen, the billionaire joined in helping the Soviet Society transition to democracy and liberal economy. The foundation supported dissidents and local politicians into playing key roles in the events that marked their respective countries’ political history. Some of the events which Soros had a hand in include the overthrow Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia in 2000 and the uprisings in Ukraine against the tyrannical leadership in 2004 and 2013. Some purport that Soros played a role in almost all the revolutions that took part in the world in the past three decades. Now at his eighties, he is back to the political frontline to liberalism in America according to Politico. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Admired by the left wing and despised by the right-wing, George Soros stands out as one of the few wealthy liberals in America. He is to left-wing what the Koch brothers are to the right-wing. He has financed the Democratic Party campaigns and other campaigns that defend human rights like Black Lives Matter. In 2015 the Washington times reported that the financial records of the OSF showed that the billionaire had channeled more than $33 million to support Ferguson protests. His funding empowered the people to protest against police brutality and intolerance.

Most of his opponents who see him as a threat because of how he uses his wealth in empowering the weak have continuously maligned him. Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Soros’ home country, Hungary, has named him as one of the people working to weaken nations. Conspiracy theorists have also said he is planning to overthrow the world’s economy. Besides, he has been the target of numerous unimaginable anti-Semitic rhetoric and imagery. However, George Soros is not relenting on his fight against all powers that are against human rights and a free society. His foundation has given out more than $12 billion in support of other non-political causes such as sponsoring the studies of students from Apartheid South Africa and other marginalized groups. He has also built schools and financed representation for those who have suffered from the injustices of the legal system. He recently set aside $500 million to address the needs of refugees and immigrants in Hungary.

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Vijay Eswaran – Dynamic Business Leader Taking QI Group to New Heights of Success

Vijay Eswaran is the name to reckon with in the MLM industry and is the co-founder of QI Group, one of the leading MLM companies doing business through the e-commerce platform.

QI Group has its headquarters in Hong Kong and has several other branches in countries across South-East Asia. The company has businesses in many different sectors, including wellness products, beauty products, travel, telecommunications, and media.

Vijay Eswaran’s father worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Labor, due to which Vijay moved across the country during his early years. However, once Vijay completed his schooling, he went to London and joined the London School of Economics to pursue studies in socio-economics. A

After finishing his studies at London School of Economics, he went on to study MBA in the United States from the South Illinois University. Vijay Eswaran’s QI Group currently does the business of over $750 million annually, a figure that is growing at a staggering pace each year. As per Forbes Asia in 2012, Vijay Eswaran is the 25th richest Asian.

Vijay Eswaran is also a noted author and has written many books during his lifetime, such as On The Wings of Thought, Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and the latest one, Two Minutes from the Abyss. He has also created a highly interactive program that is known among his followers as TOD Program or Thought of the Day Program.

Vijay Eswaran has changed the lives of millions of people as the QI Group helps people to start their own business through the company’s MLM, business model. It gives people means to earn their livelihood, and enable them to secure their future financially. Read more: In the Sphere of Silence (English and Dutch Edition)

Vijay Eswaran has won many awards during his lifetime including New Global Indian award at GIBM Meet held in New York and Lifetime Achievement in Global Entrepreneurship during the 8th World Chinese Economics Summit.

Vijay Eswaran has also started RHYTHM Foundation as a part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program. The Vijayratnam Foundation is also started by Vijay Eswaran, which is a philanthropic foundation he dedicated to his father and is named after him.

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Success Academy and the Joyful Rigor of Learning

Success Academy is changing the landscape of school systems. This topic is increasingly relevant in the United States. As public schools continue to fall behind the learning curve, it is imperative that new ideas and experiments with  learning be taken seriously. Success Academy schools very well may be the answer we have been looking for. New techniques in learning, teaching, communication with parents, and even down to location of schools has already returned amazing results.


Success Academy is so much different than that. Success Academy focuses on the student and how they are able to learn. When a student is at Success Academy, he or she is referred to as a scholar and is held to a very high standard compared to those who go to public school. This can be a great challenge for some students but the administrator of the school refers to it as a joyful rigor. They focus on learning through play and other diverse methods. It has allowed them to truly teach the students instead of just train them to take tests.


The success of students at Success Academy is something that has proven to be the best opportunity. The competency rate of students who come from Success Academy is about twice the rate of students who come from public schools. This is evidence that the academy is doing something that is working and that students are actually learning as much as they can with the curriculum that was created by the academy. The students will continue to be this successful as Success Academy continues to grow and to open up schools in other areas.

Securus Technologies’ Efforts to Create a Safer Prison System are Rewarded

The current prison system within the United States is not without its problems, some of the problems are to be expected of a system designed to incarcerate all those that have been deemed too dangerous for society among others, though tackling the issue of prison safety and order has been on the forefront of one companies agenda. Securus Technologies provide prison facilities with inmate communication solutions designed specifically to be utilized within the prison system. Though the actions and efforts of Securus Technologies are well beyond that of a normal telecommunications company. Instead of solely focusing on selling their services and products to turn a profit, the company has taken a look at the larger picture to take a hard look at the potential for crime prevention utilizing their communications systems. Their clients across the country have noticed the potential as well and have taken to the internet to voice their praise for the company.


Securus Technologies Aids Prison Systems in Crime Prevention


Prison officials utilizing one of Securus Technologies services have been able to use the systems to prevent a significant amount of crimes from taken place within their prison walls. The prison system, although created to rehabilitate convicted criminals in an effort to prevent them from becoming re-offenders, has the inherent challenge of preventing those who have already displayed a propensity for criminal activities from engaging in the very behavior that resulted in incarceration in the first place. No easy feat but using Securus Technologies communications solutions prison facilities have recorded an increase in the amount of crime prevented as well as an increase in a number of convictions of elusive criminals.


If you would like to read more about the ways Securus Technologies is helping make the prison system a safer place, please visit


Mobility In Central Texas With The CTRMA And Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is one of the finest minds in all of transportation, and he is searching for mobility options that will improve central Texas. He currently manages the CTRMA, and he is presenting the public with many mobility options that may change lives.

The mobility that he wishes to see will change the state, but he must offer his ideas to the public first. This article explains how Mike and his team are showing the state there is a new way to move around, and he is offering many different options for mobility changes.

#1: Why Is Mobility Important?

Mobility is an important public service that is presented to a number of people every year, and it helps the citizens of the state who do not wish to purchase a car or cannot.

They are often left at the mercy of a regional transit authority, and there are many mobility choices that may be made. Buses and rail lines are at the top fo the list of wishes for Mike Heiligenstein, and he is hoping to show the state that both items are important.

#2: The Finest Rail Lines

New rail lines may be added to the state at any time, and they will be used to connect smaller towns in the state that do not have a proper mobility service.

Small rail journeys will help people get to work as they may stop in the small town near them, and it will help make moving across the middle of the state. Central Texas is a place where there is quite a lot of open space, and some of it must be filled with a rail line.

#3: Adding Bus Routes

Bus routes may be added to the state to bring small towns together, and there are a number of communities that will be connected to each other when they see a route come to their tone.

They may see the buses taking people to work every day, and they will find the CTRMA does much to ensure that every new vehicle and bus is run properly.

Adding mobility to the center of Texas is important for everyone who lives there. According to Biz Journals, the citizens of the state are counting on Mike Heiligenstein and his staff to ensure that they are adding something that everyone may use.

It is quite easy to use mobility options that have been modernized and added for everyone’s benefit.