The Controversial Fagali Airport Re-Opens to the Public

     The Fagali Airport was previously operated by the Polynesian Airlines company and also at one point the Samoan Government. The airstrip used to be gravel and grass only, but has since been converted a pavement. The paving process took place in July of 2002. The airstrip was then decommissioned in 2005 due to safety concerns and noise complaints within the region.

In July of 2009, the Fagali airport reopened to the public and went on to resume an air taxi service that included flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. The airport has been controversial over the course of its operation, and there are still concerns for the safety and environmental issues with the airport structure. Local communities were not pleased when the airport was put back into service, although there are some benefits from it being opened, including the fact that short flights can take place within the region.

The airport is minutes away from the exciting activities that take place on the island, including the tasty restaurants that are within walking distance of the landing strip. The airport provides the perfect opportunity to ‘touch and go’ in a personalized village community located in the American Samoa.

It is possible that the airstrip in Fagali could be closed at some point again in the future if controversy continues. Although for now the airport is opened, and local aviators and shuttle services are surely going to take advantage of the Fagali airstrip being open on the island.

Sussex Healthcare As One Of The Reliable And Beneficial Facilities

Sussex Healthcare is a reputable health facility which has grown to create a high impact on society by improving different aspects of life, especially health. It started with the combination of two passionate and experienced people namely Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. They combined their skills and knowledge to create the facility as a way to give back to the society. Shiraz Boghani is a known entrepreneur which enables him to provide excellent management skills in the company while on the other hand; Shafik Sachedina is a medical practitioner who uses his powers to improve lives.

For more than two decades Sussex Healthcare has grown to provide exceptional services that have brought positive changes primarily to the people in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it has many facilities that work under its umbrella revealing its effectiveness in service providence. Therefore, it is made up of a good team of workers who are compassionate and kind caregivers. The regular training of the workers influences the smooth running as a way to impact more knowledge for a better investment. The workers at Sussex Healthcare acquire support for education continuation to learn additional skills.

The services provided by the company guided by the belief that all people deserve to live great lives with all aspects of life catered for such as the social and physical aspect. Therefore, Sussex Healthcare provides activities that ensure people participate in social plans such as leisure activities and recreational activities among others which make them remain active and have a better lifestyle. Besides, it has great chefs who cook on a daily basis to provide nutritious meals to the people especially those with various dietary needs.

Sussex Healthcare provides services that touch on different groups in the society. Some of the people it cares for include the old people equipped with residential homes and meals. Moreover, they get medical services such as therapeutic programs that help them improve them especially those who have dementia. They get specialist care that assists in promoting their physical development.

Also, the company provides respite care that paves the way for the staff to attend those at home giving a break to their caregivers. It does not leave out those with chronic or terminal diseases. It has a section that offers adequate care to these people. Compassionate care given makes them feel less pain and gain hope in life. The people with neurological issues are also attended to as it has specialists who offer services and medication to neurological problems and other related matters.

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Heather Russell: TransUnion’s New Executive Vice President

Heather Russell is beginning a new job.

The former employee of Buckley Sandler, LLP, says that she is thrilled to be starting with such a revolutionary company.

Russell says that TransUnion has been innovative in providing great financial products and services to consumers, and she is excited to bring her 20 years’ experience and expertise to the TransUnion Family.

The title of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer will be hers starting on June 4th.

Russell will be replacing John Blenke, TransUnion’s current Executive Vice President, who is set to retire this year.

Heather Russell has multiple degrees under her belt that make her more than equipped for such a role. These degrees include

  • A B.A. from the College of William and Mary
  • A J.D. from American University’s Washington College of Law

The 20 years’ experience that she has in the financial services sector was gained from having positions in a few different companies. These companies include

  • Bank of America
  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • Skadden, Arps
  • Fifth Third Bank

According to, Russell held leadership positions in each of these companies. Those leadership positions allowed her to sharpen her skills as a supervisor and has helped her to reach her new position with TransUnion.

Russell’s colleagues are proud to have her on board.

Jim Peck, the President of TransUnion, is quoted as saying that he is “confident” in Russell’s experience and expertise and knows without a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes to help the company reach new heights.

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Investing in Freedom Checks

The media has recently introduced a new financial option known as Freedom Checks. In one of the most recent ads, Matt Badiali held a check for over $114,000 that looks almost exactly like a government issued tax refund. With the look of the checks, many people would believe that this ad is just the latest get rich quick scam being offered. What has made this ad appear suspicious is its very positive and sensationalized tone. Another thing that has drawn suspicion from the ad is that people wonder why the government would offer money for free. Read this article at

While this may seem too good to be true, they are quite misunderstood among the public. Not many people know who Matt Badiali is and what Freedom Checks are. First, Matt Badiali is a financial analyst who was once involved in the geology field. As a result, he has combined geology and finance during his career. While working as a geologist, Matt would dig up and mine natural resources and precious metals. As a result, they became great investment opportunities for him.

What is issued by the checks aren’t directly issued by the government, they are issued by a private company. Many people may believe that the organization may just issued fraudulent checks to the public as part of a scam. However, Freedom Checks are an entirely separate form of check that is distinct from scams. The scam checks are known as U.S. Freedom Checks and Patriot Checks. What has made Freedom Checks different is that they are a form of investment. They were first introduced in an investment source such as a newsletter. The checks are promising that you can make a considerable amount of money from something that is being sold to you. As a result, no free money is being given away. Visit the website to learn more.

By getting these types of checks, individuals will be able to invest their money in commodities that can give them significant investment returns. They are an alternative to Social Security and the stock market. Investing in things such as oil and natural resources will be able to help people make a steady income during their retirement years. The way the process works for making an income with the checks is to invest in these natural resources and commodities and then wait for the checks to come in. As a result, many investors will be in position to enhance their financial situation in both the present and the future.



Jed McCaleb and His Cryptocurrency Ambition

Jed McCaleb is a co-founder of Stellar. He is known for his technological moves. Jed works to improve technology and utilizes the same innovation to come up with the advancement of people’s livelihood. Before co-launching Stellar, Jed created eDonkey2000. Jed created eDonkey with the aim of contributing to youth sharing through a peer to peer sharing network.

Jed Cofounded Stellar in the year 2014 with the aim of coming up innovation to help solve the broken financial institutions around the globe. Jed realized that many people had been left without resources and assets as a result of the fractured economic support.

Mr. Jed McCaleb is one of the MIRI advisors. MIRI is an organization that conducts research on artificial intelligence aiming at affecting people and the world at large positively. Jed is credited with creating the first Bitcoin business called Mt. Gox.

Jed’s newest innovation revolves around the Bitcoin business. Cryptocurrency has been dreamt of by various investors for a long time now. Different names have been given to the business such as b-money, bit-gold, Digicash, and e-cash. Finally, the industry landed and settled at the real course in the year 2009. It was a fierce struggle for innovative investors such as Jed who wanted to accomplish the cryptocurrency ambition.

The whole idea of cryptocurrency was to help people operate businesses and currency exchanges without spending too much money and resources on bank fees. The bank systems were sometimes very slow causing congestion in the premises. Coming up with a more convenient method of currency exchange was paramount.

Jed McCaleb launched Stellar Development Fund in 2014. The organization was meant to provide helpful services such as offering banking services to various people who do not own a bank account. It aimed at becoming and growing as a non-stock body with no income for employees and other private investors.

Stellar Development Fund was created to allow cross-border payments since it was open source code. 50% of the 100 billion Lumen that was created was exclusively dedicated to those who signed up for the Stellar network. Partnerships with non-profit organizations and other bodies received 25% the Lumens, 5% was meant for the operational costs for Stellar, 1% wen to XRP holders and 19% was given to the Bitcoin holders. (Source: LinkedIn)

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Brian Torchin – From Medical Practitioner to Owner of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. It is currently one of the largest medical staffing organizations in the USA; providing services to all 50 states.

Being a chiropractor and working in that profession for many years made him realize how difficult it was to find jobs, especially in the medical field where job postings are not always publicly advertised. With the years of knowledge, he accumulated from staffing, opening, and managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida he then began staffing his own office; thus, leading to the creation of HCRC Staffing. His mission was to bridge the gap between medical professionals and employers. Read more on about Brian Torchin

I would say his biggest accomplishment was creating his company, HCRC staffing. From working in the medical field, he saw a much-needed service and sought out to supply that demand. He also wanted to give back to his community of future and fellow medical practitioners by helping to ease the transition of finding jobs. Not only that, but by also featuring a few articles on his website, HCRC Staffing, and LinkedIn offering great tips to employees “6 Ways To Damage Your Reputation In A New Job” and employers “A Guide to Handling Toxic Employees”. After just reading a few, I would definitely say it is sound advice that I will be using in the future.

Brian Torchin has been featured in a few articles over the years, such as, on “Digital Journal” and “The Heart Knows Creations”, but for those who haven’t heard about him, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Although, he primarily uses these pages to professionally advertise his business; Scrolling through you can see almost daily postings filled with links to available jobs throughout the USA. I would say utilizing his service from a client’s perspective is highly needed as much time can be spent trying to find the right applicant and HCRC has a large database of active practitioners which is always expanding.



Talk Fusion Video Communication

Technology has made unthinkable progress since it was first created. Thanks to Talk Fusion video technology continues to reach new heights. Talk Fusion is a successful video communication marketing company that has reached people all over the world by providing high-quality technology. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Reina created Talk Fusion in 2007 after he had issues trying to send a video of a home he was interested in purchasing. When he tried to send the video, he was informed that the feature was not available. Instead of accepting the statement that video communication would never be available he decided to answer his own problem.

Talk Fusion is now available to more than 140 different countries worldwide. The company continues to expand as they bring new innovative technology to the video communication market. They have made their products compatible with many different devices to make sure that using the technology is not a hassle. They have even created apps that allow for easy video communication. Their goal is not to complicate things, but to make things easily accessible to their customers. The applications that they have created allow for one to send videos along with their emails. They try to enforce an all-in-one concept. Everything that their users need is readily available to them. The video does not come separately they come together. Learn more:

There are many reasons why people love Talk Fusion one of them being their products are affordable. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars for one to gain access to Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion’s goal is to serve individuals as well as corporations, so they make their prices affordable for their customers. Talk Fusion’s customers are also able to communicate with one person or a group of people if they need to. Talk Fusion works hard to make sure that they are not limiting their customers. Growth and progress are very important to Bob Reina. By whatever means Reina sees necessary he makes sure that the company is easily accessible, affordable, and life-changing for each one of his customers.

Jim Toner and The Excellent Real Estate Ventures He Is Part Of

The world of real estate investment is a fluctuating, erratic and difficult industry to be successful at. You must have a high level of tolerance to failure. In the case of real estate investor and entrepreneur Jim Toner, he leads in the business because he is persistent and because he is generous in sharing his knowledge on how to succeed in the industry.

The Career

You might already have heard of the name Jim Toner in the Amazon’s list of business books. He is the real estate investor who both has enjoyed a good line of career in the real estate business while at the same time delves in radio show hosting, speaking and consultancy work. He is indeed one of the most qualified resource speakers in the industry in the field of real estate, considered to be in line with big guy investors such as Frank McKinney and Sharon Lechter.

We may also be able to say here that the Jim Toner’s success has also been so because of his active and personalized care that he puts in the consultancy work that he does. For example: when he is on air for his radio show, he always makes sure that he shares his personal experience, to the point probably of telling us what’s in his portfolio, just to let others know that he isn’t just for cheap words, but also in making sure that he has skin in the game. Skin in the game is the concept where you harm yourself first through your ideas before you put other people at risk. This gives people the transparency and the ethical business dealings that they want their consultant to have.

The Book

One of the latest books that Mr. Toner wrote is The Consumers Guide to Investment Real Estate: How To Profit In Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder. What this book does is make sure that people can get the basics of how real estate investment goes and how they can maximize their time and money in their real estate investments.

There are many snake oil peddlers and charlatans out there who write books that don’t say anything of value. In Jim Toner’s book, the highest value he puts out is the truth. He argues that many people would hate him for this, but this is still what he wants to do. He wants to share the truth because this is the way that people can achieve the financial freedom that they need. There is a lot of opportunities to be had in the current real estate market and it’s good to know that Jim Toner is creative and generous enough to share the ways that people can profit from them.


The Legacy of Jim Toner

PhD Jim Toner is a fertility specialist who is board-certified. His specialty is reproductive endocrinology and infertility. In the year 2000 he joined the Reproductive Medicine Center in Atlanta. After that he went to Norfolk Virginia to practice at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Another program he was apart is a fellowship program. His academic achievements stemmed from graduating at Saint Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. He earned a bachelor’s in psychology. He then continued his training in the medical scientist training program within UOP. After that he pursued his residency. He then continued his residency with the highest honor. many of his fellow colleagues recognized that he had the talent for teaching and he was given the award in 1989 known as resident of the year. He also was titled Alpha Omega Alpha. This is considered a very high honor in the medical society.

Dr. Toner has produced a lot of different publishing’s, including 20 chapters on topics of Reproductive Medicine, 80 articles, and 100 abstracts. He has done studying in ovarian stimulation reproductive Cycles differences within gonadotropins.

He has given many speeches including 200 presentations at national and local meetings. He is a part of the society is known as Society for assisted reproductive technology, and American society Reproductive Medicine. And he holds a seat at the registry committee and informed consent committee. His main focus is helping with infertility and miscarriage. He also has a doctorate in Psychology which he combines that with taking Special Care on the emotional sides of patients and giving them a warm and friendly comforting doctor’s visit.

Dr. Jim Toner has been practicing for 27 years. Due to the Fantastic work on toners part, families can now have children and at least can see hope for children in the foreseeable future. His research has saved lives and created lives. His biggest dream is to see couples being able to know that they can have children and not be burdened with being barren. He said even if he has reach his goals he says new goals are constantly challenges the unknown and the unaccomplished to help those who need answers and who need treatment and who need a way out of infertility across the United States. Many people rely on him to help with options regarding conceiving a child. Due to his very helpful hand, his name has rapidly grown within the infertility industry, making him a go to number one doctor for infertility. He is well renowned within the medical field and he uses that to the advantage of Healthy Families and referrals. Referrals not only help him, but they help the families they help the couples and they help people who don’t think they have options to help them realize that they do have options. He has become the Gateway for those families.

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Completion of the $54 million private offering

On the 29th of September 2017, NexBank Capital finally saw the ultimate conclusion of the placement of $54 million company’s subordinate notes to various institutions and investors. All these are part of the bank’s fixed-to-floating unsecured notes. The corporate has purposed to spend the final proceeds fetched from the placements for its general uses.

For the first five years, these notes cannot be redeemed by the holders, and during this time they grow at a fixed interest rate of 6.375%. After that, they bear interest at a floating rate based on the spread above its current three month LIBOR of 458.5 points. This is stated to be mature before 30th September 2027.

Only one agent, Sandler O’Neill & partners, was available for the private offering and this marked its closure on the 19th of September.


Instituted in 1934, NexBank has risen over the years to become the 11th largest financial services lender in Texas. It bears its headquarters in Dallas. The company uses three main business services.

  •  Commercial banking

Many businesses are compounded with the economic signs that show promises of financial recovery. Different enterprises are thus looking for fund lenders, and as such, NexBank is aiming to be a locally available aider. Its quick, reliable and quality services give the bank its national recognition.

  •  Mortgage banking

There was a steady growth of the bank in 2010, partly due to the establishment of a mortgage platform. Real estate entrepreneurs partner with NexBank and are provided with finances for the construction, renovation, and acquisition of houses.

  • Institutional services

Working closely with institutional clients enables the bank’s professionals to understand their objectives. With a vision to aid its clients, NexBank offers property management and depository services, all of which are highly tailored.

Corporation’s general growth

The company is currently introducing more value-added products. This will undoubtedly increase clients thus fetch more profits. Moreover, it has come to the point where increment in offered capital enables the company to continue capitalizing while still developing. All the acquired proceeds are put into expanding the company.