How Roberto Santiago has Redefined The Shopping Experience among Brazilians

Roberto Santiago is one of Brazil’s most prominent shopping mall entrepreneurs. He owns Manaira Shopping, a premier shopping and retail outlet that is strategically located in the resort city of Joao Pessoa in Northern Brazil. Manaira Shopping is home to some of the most exclusive international brands. Since its establishment, the mall has gained prominence for affording clients an outstanding shopping experience. It does this by combining leisure, fun, and comfort.

The Go-To Entertainment Hub

The mall is a preferred entertainment destination for Brazilians from Joao Pessoa and beyond. The entrepreneur himself designed the mall to his own specifications. The fact that he understands his clients’ preferences explains why Manaira Shopping is loved by all and sundry. It offers an array of entertainment options, which target fun lovers across all age brackets. Those who have visited the mall attest to the unmatchable tranquility, fun, and comfort that they were accorded. Manaira Shopping is home to cinema theaters, bowling alleys, amusement parks, and ballrooms.

The main building houses an exceptionally designed cinema, which features intimate theater rooms, modern streaming equipment, a plush seating arrangement, and VIP rooms for elite guests. All cinema rooms similarly have a comfortable viewing angle, and mini-bars containing all kinds of drinks. The presence of gourmet popcorn machines makes the theater rooms enchanting all the more. The mall also houses a modern fitness and wellness center that is served by competent and knowledgeable instructors.

Brief Notes about Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a distinguished entrepreneur with a string of successful businesses under his belt. Nonetheless, his status has largely grown as a result of the success that Manaira Shopping has had. He came up with the idea of constructing a modern shopping complex after realizing that the facilities that existed at the time could not satisfy Brazilians’ shopping needs. Besides Manaira shopping mall, Roberto operates a motorsports company, and a cartonage business.

Mr. Santiago is an alumnus of the prestigious Marist College Pius X, and the University of Joao Pessoa. In college, he studied finance and business management, something that stroked his entrepreneurial spirit. Besides this, he has had the zeal to succeed since childhood. His incomparable business acumen saw him construct Manaira Shopping at a relatively tender age of 30 years.

Away from his business endeavors, Roberto is an enthusiastic sportsman. His sportsmanship has seen him take part in prestigious kart and motor cross competitions in South America. He also has an interest in bowling, an attribute that enables him to easily mingle with other bowling enthusiasts at Manaira’s bowling alley. His humble demeanor is also well known, and highlights why he easily forges business relationships with other like-minded individuals. In his free time, Mr. Santiago offers business advice to investors. He also enjoys spending time with his family. Read more articles on

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