Clayton Hutson Talks of His Work in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson has been in the music industry for some time as a music producer. He has perfected the arts of bringing together the feelings and thoughts of his artists together when producing music. Clayton also strives to create beautiful experiences for his clients for the live performances.

Formation of the company

When asked about how he established his company, Hutson noted that he had been in the music industry for quite some time before venturing into it. During the period, he learned some invaluable lesson from the positions that he had held. Clayton further explained that he perfected his skills to enable him to fit into any live performance segment. Clayton ventured out when his employer got into financial difficulties due to a recession.

His typical day

Clayton spends most of his time running events as a stage manager. He wakes up as early as 6:30 am to get to the venue earlier than everyone else. After that, Hutson and his team members walk through the day’s schedule with the crew and come up with a plan for the day. Clayton and his team pay attention to how they carry out their activities before the start of the show because it determines their pace and actions throughout the day. Additionally, they break down activities, so that they can give correct directions throughout the day.

Making ideas work

Clayton brings his ideas to work by first visualizing them in his mind to see whether they will work or not. He sees the lighting and sound first and uses his experience to determine what might or might not work. Also, Hutson makes use of the CAD design to put everything together and know the intricate details of the event and venue.

Exciting trends

Hutson is excited about the technologies that are making their way into live music. Besides, the industry is revolutionary and keeps changing. For example, lights have continued getting more prominent over time. Additionally, the video has become the in-thing. However, some artists are looking out for airier stunts for their live performances.

The background of Clayton Huston

Clayton holds Bachelors in Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technical production from the Central Michigan University. Also, he has a Master’s of Business Administration from Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Huston has been the production manager of Getagrip Touring and also the production vice president at Ronin Event Creative. He has also been a stage manager for Kanye West and production manager for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Huston has also worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Billy Graham, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and Kid Rock.

Alex Pall Reveals How the Chainsmokers Originated

Just recently, the Chainsmokers published their highly awaited fresh track “Closer,” featuring the star of the time, Halsey. Compared to their previous singles—especially “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”—the upcoming radio banger highlights Andrew Taggart’s (a part of the duo along with Alex Pall) vocals.

While an artist who has vocal in their own single can seem clear, it is rather transformative for the two and their DJ equals, who generally depend on vocalists and songwriters to integrate that human style to their masterfully constructed electronic numbers.

The band’s incursion into personalizing their type of dance music runs hand in hand with their motivation to become honored as true artists with feelings and thoughts instead of faceless beat crafters with a DJ booth between them.

Although artists such as deadmau5 keep themselves obstructed with thick synths and earthshattering bass drops, Taggart and Pall are striving to uncover themselves more and more with each passing day, incorporating intimacy into a type of music that is often too sterile and devoid of emotion with the exclusion of drug-like euphoria.

We conversed to the pair regarding establishing their brand, the fresh track, and how they are going to transform as their audience increases.

We started off by asking, when did you both begin working together?

When Alex Pall was growing up, he was a DJ. It was sort of a hobby of his, he mentioned. He was DJing all over New York City and had a small career starting, but it was supposed to just be side work. This was something he was extremely passionate about.

It was scary for him to be in the city going after something that felt more like a hobby than a job, and one time—he was at a gallery for a moment—and he discovered how dance music was absorbing his life, and he wanted to really give it the shot it deserved.

He was doing work with the same manager now during that period. He introduced us. So we got together and just started immediately working. He relocated from Maine. Pall quit his job and that is what started it all.