Securus Technologies helps remove dangerous tool from prison gang arsenal

Prison gangs form a unique part of the history and current functioning of the U.S. prison system. The gangs have long played both a symbiotic and a pestilential role in the prison system. They have evolved for a number of reasons unique to the U.S. prison system. And because of this, they have become an endemic part of the system. Prison gangs are not likely to be going anywhere soon.


Many of the reasons that prison gangs are allowed to continue functioning within the country’s carceral institutions are simply pragmatic. In the racially charged and diverse environment of prison, the gangs can actually help to maintain order by enforcing strict discipline on their members not to cross racial lines, an action that could easily spark a race riot. Because the gangs themselves are able to dish out harsh physical violence to keep their own members in check, the prisons are actually able to afford all of the prisoners far more freedom than would otherwise be possible. On the other hand, if there were no gangs, the guards themselves could not use preemptive violence to keep inmates from starting serious interracial conflicts. Therefore, in some of the most racially charged prison systems, like that found in the state of California, prison gangs help to maintain order that would otherwise only be possible by keeping the inmates on permanent lockdown.


But for all of the benefits that the prison gangs confer on the carceral system, there are many serious drawbacks. Unsurprisingly, gangs comprised of hardened criminals have a tendency to engage in crime. Part of the unspoken agreement that prisons have between themselves and prison gangs is that the guards and administrators tolerate a certain background level of criminal activity. This can include things like petty drug dealing, gambling and even prostitution. In exchange for being able to commit low-level, victimless crimes, the gangs are expected to keep order.


However, such unspoken and unwritten agreements are tenuous by their very nature. And this fragile equilibrium can easily be catastrophically disrupted by small inputs. One serious disruption has been the introduction of contraband cellphones. Rather than carrying out petty, victimless crimes on the inside, gang leaders use the phones to carry out serious, violent crimes on the outside. These have included hundreds of cases of witness intimidation, hired hits and even the murder of prison staff.


The threat of contraband cellphones has grown large enough to permanently throw the balance between prison gangs and internal institutional order out of whack. But now, Securus Technologies has devised a system that is 100 percent effective at combating contraband cellphones. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the device is able to intercept and block all illegal cellular calls originating from within its operational radius.


Securus Technologies, Taking Steps For A Secure Future

Securus Technologies is making huge advances in its field. Along with these breakthroughs have come acquisitions. Most recently, Securus has acquired GovPayNet, a payment processor that works on behalf of many forms of government. If you’re unfamiliar with Securus Technologies; the company provides telecommunications services for correctional facilities. For internal clients, they provide monitoring of inmates’ communication, both inside the facility itself, and while communicating with those on the “outside.” They also provide software solutions to make the daily reporting and tasks easier for facility staff. For the external customers, they provide calling plans and alternative communication solutions that are budget friendly.


GovPayNet joins the Securus family along with JPay, another recent acquisition. JPay is known for providing financial services through funding of inmates’ accounts. The company has also recently started getting involved in the gadget business. Selling tablet computers to inmates; the company is providing a valuable service to help the inmates gain additional education, with a little extra entertainment. Wireless containment systems are also another project that’s anticipated to be a huge benefit and success. These devices are like cell towers and prevent communications from contraband wireless devices. This technology is critical, as many crimes have been tracked to illegal devices being used from within the correctional facilities. While still in testing, the project is expected to be rolled out into more facilities in the very near future.


Securus Technologies has also made news with its recent customer satisfaction scores. Getting an over 95 percent satisfaction score; customers are expressing their gratitude and satisfaction clearly. The company also earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Among the many areas factored into their scoring system, Securus scored high with an “A+” rating. The company is making advances not only in technology, but with their people skills as well. It should be interesting to see what developments are next, and how the new WCS technology affects the landscape of correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies Makes Prisons Safe Again

This may not surprise you, but the leading cause of injury within penitentiaries comes from inmates attacking other inmates. In fact, many of these attacks are planned weeks in advance. There was a day and age where guards just had to look out on the basketball court and make sure people were not grouping in some sort of conference. However, with the introduction of cell phones into correctional facilities, inmates are now using those contraband cell phones to plan attacks.


Securus Technologies decided that they would stop this evil by creating products that were able to shut down the use of contraband cell phones within the jail system.


The first product that they used is called Cell Defender. Cell Defender is a triangulation system that is used within the jail system and is able to locate a cell phone based on its GPS chip.


Once a cell phone is located, the warden or the guards can choose to access the current text messages, deleted text messages, listen in on current phone calls, or listen to delete your voicemails. They also have the option of immediately shutting off the cell phone. Once the guards were able to do this, they found that they were able to stop 75% of the attacks in their prisons before those attacks occurred. One warden went on record saying, “Not only has Cell Defender allowed us to detect inmate on inmate crime before it happens, but it also allows us to pinpoint who is the cause is that we can move them to stricter confinement.”


Securus technologies just released their newest product, wireless containment solutions. This product shuts down a phone’s wifi capabilities so that inmates cannot use social media to plan attacks, which was one of their methods since no phone plan is needed.


Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies Company is one of the most sophisticated business companies based in the United States. For the company, they have always adhered to their rule of becoming the best in the industry. With more than two decades of excellence and business solutions, Securus Technologies Company is the number one provider of technology solutions in the inmate industry. The company provides technology that helps the inmate industry revolutionize their inmate expertise. The same technology is also used to making the inmate industry realize better business growth in a manner that depicts their leadership skills in the industry. This is the reason why Securus Technologies Company is the best in technology.


Securus Technologies Company has more than 100 technologists and creative thinkers who are constantly troubled with incoming technical solutions for a brighter future. For this reason, they have always assisted their credit solution companies to access better business results and solutions through their accredited management capabilities. Few companies can compare their levels of success with Securus Technologies Company in the correctional space. For the com[any, creating an open challenge to their competitors in business is nothing more than assisted solutions. This means that the company is also secure about their service capability to deliver the best.


Securus Technologies Company is also one of the few companies that are always geared towards better business solutions to achieve the most sophisticated business entity. Securus Technologies Company has also opened a forum to receive the experience their clients receive from using the technology solutions they offer in business. The company is also happy to announce that most of their clients are happy with the services. Perhaps this is why they assimilate working solutions in the industry. While many people thought that a wide range of negative reviews would flood their emails, the company is still developing a positive review through clients.


Securus Technology-The Best Prison Technology Provider

Securus technology is one of the greatest penitentiary technology suppliers. Securus Company serves over 1000000 inmates. The company also works with the government in securing their database to prevent it from landing in unauthorized hands. The company has an excellent reputation in its area of specialization from its network providers.

One of the most major developments of the Secures technology is connecting the prisoners to their family through means of communication. The company has provided mobile phones to the prisons where the prisoners can keep in touch with their families. This is a significant development because the detainees have access to both the video calls and voice calls at their disposal.

Such technology may seem risky in the hands of prisoners. It may be a significant risk to the outside world. However, Securus Technologies is concerned with the security of both the detainees and the outside world. The company has, therefore, taken measures on ensuring this technology is only used for the purpose it was built for exclusively. All the calls are recorded and could be used as evidence in the case of any problem. The calls are strictly monitored by the system to make sure they do not endanger the citizens.

The Securus technology gadgets have been used in many investigative units to solve many mystery cases. This is possible because their technology is highly coded and can only be cracked by the service providers, making it very secure and reliable.

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that protects both the citizens and inmates. The company offers the prison facilities with gadgets that are highly protected from any risks of causing trouble. This precaution is to ensure their no cases of prison breaks or the people outside prison being hurt with the collaboration of the detainees through the communication system. Securus has, therefore, succeeded in improving the lives of the inmates as well as protecting the citizens.


Controlling Gang Violence with Securus Technologies

At the prison that I work, gang violence has been on the rise in recent years. Me and my fellow officers work hard to try and lessen the threats, but we are outnumbered by the inmates 5:1 and they certainly have the luxury of time on their side. Being in the jail 24-hours a day allows these inmates to spot flaws in the system and then exploit them, and that means getting illegal contraband into their cells right under our noses.


To try and curb gang violence in our prison, Securus Technologies was authorized to install a new inmate call system that would help us to get ahead of the problem. We trust this company and all 1,000 employees because the have a reputation for working towards one goal, keeping the world safer for all. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his Dallas-based company is doing everything they can to increase safety in the jail, and we were eager to see if it could help in our situation.


Gang violence has been on the rise in our jail due in part to inmates being able to easily get their hands on weapons and drugs. We knew they were acquiring the items at the visitor center, but despite thorough searches, we could never completely eliminate the flow into the jail. Once the inmate call monitoring system was installed, we quickly learned how to work the LBS software and go to work.


Soon after the training sessions, that first month was a windfall for officers. We discovered conversations where gang members were talking about selling prescription drugs to other gangs in jail. We uncovered information on gang members showing up as visitors to pass to inmates. We were even able to locate exactly where these drugs were hidden inside the inmate’s cells.


Securus Technologies’ Efforts to Create a Safer Prison System are Rewarded

The current prison system within the United States is not without its problems, some of the problems are to be expected of a system designed to incarcerate all those that have been deemed too dangerous for society among others, though tackling the issue of prison safety and order has been on the forefront of one companies agenda. Securus Technologies provide prison facilities with inmate communication solutions designed specifically to be utilized within the prison system. Though the actions and efforts of Securus Technologies are well beyond that of a normal telecommunications company. Instead of solely focusing on selling their services and products to turn a profit, the company has taken a look at the larger picture to take a hard look at the potential for crime prevention utilizing their communications systems. Their clients across the country have noticed the potential as well and have taken to the internet to voice their praise for the company.


Securus Technologies Aids Prison Systems in Crime Prevention


Prison officials utilizing one of Securus Technologies services have been able to use the systems to prevent a significant amount of crimes from taken place within their prison walls. The prison system, although created to rehabilitate convicted criminals in an effort to prevent them from becoming re-offenders, has the inherent challenge of preventing those who have already displayed a propensity for criminal activities from engaging in the very behavior that resulted in incarceration in the first place. No easy feat but using Securus Technologies communications solutions prison facilities have recorded an increase in the amount of crime prevented as well as an increase in a number of convictions of elusive criminals.


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