CEO Of Lime Crime Shares Her Story

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born in Russia but raised in New York where majored in fashion design. Lime Crime is now based in Los Angeles, California. Doe is committed to designing vegan certified cruelty-free and boldly colorful cosmetic products. Lime Crime offers loose pigments, lipsticks, lip gloss, palettes, eye shadow, nail polish and liquid liners.

Doe started with making and designing her own clothing line which she independently sold online. She got the idea of creating her own special makeup line to go with her outfits when she would model them herself on her website. She couldn’t find the colors she needed so she just took the initiative to make them herself.

Doe has always loved two things: makeup and fairy tales. Doe decided to blend the two passions to make a cruelty-free, imaginative make-up brand that would be fun. The mascot of the company is a unicorn which represents rare beauty, and compassion, and kindness to animals.

First I started selling my new Lime Crime clothing designs online through eBay in 2004, and I created my first digital store there. In less than a year, I was already making steady sales.

Deere’s line of makeup was launched in 2008. Her original collection included blushes, eye shadows, brushes and primers which started at around $12. She promoted her products using makeup tutorials online which became very popular. In 2009, her efforts began to pay off. Deere’s business was eventually successful enough for her to begin supporting her favorite charitable organizations, mainly based on women, children and animal rescue. She felt grateful to finally begin making bigger differences. Today, Lime Crime supports The Red Cross, HOLA for kids in LA, Girls Inc, Sanctuary For Families, Adopt NY, and Bideawee animal shelter.

Doe Deere attended NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in illustration and fashion design. Deere decided it would be better if she dropped out to start her own clothing company, eventually deciding to stick with makeup as she got better reactions than she did with her clothing line and saw it as the better path. As a woman who started small achieving success on her terms, Doe avidly supports female owned entrepreneurship and businesses. Doe speaks on the subjects of following your ambitions and carving your own path at public events like Stardust Tour in Vegas and PHAMExpo. She likes to mentor aspiring female business owners.


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Doe Deree

About Doe Deere


Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur who is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company. She is also heads as the CEO of the company in which she established in 2008. The company deals with a new line of cosmetics that specializes in unique colours. Doe Deere, also known as ‘Queen of Unicorns’ is a unique individual who loves brightly coloured makeup which the cosmetic industry initially shied away. It is for this reason, Deere decided to invent her own rainbow coloured cosmetics and founded Lime Crime.


Doe Deere’s Earlier Career


Doe Deere’s earlier career was in the music field. Her dreams and ambitions as a child were to become a musician when she grew up which materialized when she moved to the United States. What’s more, Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia but moved to New York in the United States when she was 17. Nevertheless, though she excelled in music she still had an entrepreneurial liking in her which started when she was way younger. She had started off when she was 13 and would sell temporary tattoos to her classmates.


Further, Doe Deere met her husband in the band where both were songwriters and business partners in helping to promote their music. The turning point in Deere’s career came about when she decided to be true to herself where she followed her heart’s desire in entrepreneurship. She believes that everyone has got something unique that they can offer the world and advises the young people to listen to their heart’s desire.


The Establishment of Lime Crime


Doe Deere established Lime Crime cosmetic line when she discovered that there was a gap in the cosmetic industry where they only concentrated on the super natural colours. Deere took the advantage of it and pioneered the sale of the multi-coloured cosmetics which many girls preferred. Again, Lime Crime also pioneered in e-commerce of cosmetics when Deere registered the company on eBay in 2004 to sell their products online.


The Lime Crime cosmetic line constitutes of bold, vibrant, deeply coloured, and animal-friendly cosmetics. The name was chosen out of one Deere’s favourite colour and also realizing her dreams to brightly pigmented colours of cosmetics including eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks. Additionally, Doe Deere is a free soul who listens to everyone in her surrounding including her employees, customers, and even people who don’t like her. As a leader and CEO of her, company she presumes that you can always learn something new from anyone if you are willing to listen.


Moreover, Doe Deere comes from a fashion background which goes hand in hand with the makeup business. She went to FIT in New York where she did fashion as her major. Deere believes that makeup defines who you are and gives you the freedom to express who you are without fear of judgment. Also, Deere says that what you apply to your face, how you do your hair, and generally what we put on our bodies is an expression of who we are. Learn more: