The great achievements of Krishen Iyer

Businesses keep thriving in the competitive market due to strong strategies that they adopt to fuel their growth. Besides, the effort that entrepreneurs take to stabilize their firm’s operations and development have also contributed to the fast growth in the economy. Krishen Iyer is among the gurus that have taken an extra step in changing activities in business by adopting new trends of ensuring that firms in the country increase their sales to maintain their cash flow. Krishen Iyer specializes in helping firms market their products and services online. He also possesses great skills in client interfacing and technical development. His expertise has saved many firms by making their names and operation known by many consumers.


The expert has also played a significant role in creating a friendly environment through which they can carry out their goals and accomplish them. He has also encouraged investors to engage in stable relationships with other business owners to come up with great deals to develop projects that generate capital. With his counsel, many businesses have signed many partnerships to maximize their profits.


Krishen Iyer is also an online partner with a California based marketing company Quick Link Marketing. The firm also helps other businesses improve their advertising strategies by sharing their views on the policy they can use for growth. His contributions to society have been highly amended, and this has encouraged him to continue pursuing his dreams.



Krishen Iyer has used his talent to help other people acquire a better living. He has helped form owners eliminate challenges that they face in their firms through the use of strong approaches to address such serious issues. His commitment and ability to understand the basis for a successful business has also seen him attract the attention of many entrepreneurs. He continues to help firms discover new ways through which they can advertise their products to make higher sales.

OSI Group McDonalds Leads the Industry in the Processing of Animal products

OSI Group McDonalds is one of the organization that definitely uses large quantities of electricity to perform various functions in its premises. Some of these activities include heating food products and sometimes even cooking other types of food. However, there are other overhead activities that a food processing companies might use such as lighting the company premises, operating computers within the organizations, moving turbines, and even air-conditioning.

The sieved water, which is does not contain any solid materials such as leaves, solid particles, and other food products goes for further treatment and purification through an advanced system. The purified water might not be good for human consumption but is drained into tanks where it is used in performing various roles in the organization. This water is used in cleaning company premises, cleaning plant machinery, and even cooling the diesel powered engines. Read more about OSI Group McDonalds at

A significant number of companies depend on electricity supply as the primary sources of power and energy to the company. Relying on electricity supply is the main source of energy is an important and strategic decisions in companies that are operating in the first world countries. However, this might not be the case for a company that is rapidly expanding to developing countries around the world. OSI Group McDonalds is one of the entities that has been expanding its operations to different parts of the world.

This is means that OSI Group McDonalds does not drain its liquid waste into rivers and oceans like other companies. In addition, the company is working towards minimizing emission of harmful gases to the environment. Instead of releasing carbon monoxide in the air, the entity has incorporated a strategy where these gases is converted in carbon dioxide, which is less toxic before it can released into the atmosphere. These waste management strategies have made the entity to be socially responsible hence enhancing its reputation in the industry.

OSI Group McDonalds will be sponsoring the annual Animal Care and Handling Conference. This is a clear manifestation that the company is aware of all the institutions operating in this industry and is prepared to provide the necessary technical support and finances required in the growth of the industry.

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At $35 a pop, the newly reformulated Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is hands down a must have. If you’re a newbie to who and/or what Sunday Riley even is, allow me to give you the low down. Sunday Riley is an skin care/beauty brand that specializes in wellness and “self care.” Sunday Riley knows that life can and usually does get hectic, which can leave very little time for pampering and that much needed “self care.” Thus, the brand has created various products and even put together a beauty box that will make it a little easier to pamper ourselves.

Okay, so now you know who Sunday Riley is. Now, here’s the “deets” on the “Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser”. Why is it so great, and why should you go out and buy it? Well, let’s start with the ingredients. According to the Sunday Riley brand, the reformulation of the cleanser occurred to make it more suitable for every skin type. Some of the key components that make up this silky, water gel cleanser include: blends of French Green Clay, Bentonite clay and White Kaolin, which all aide in cleansing the skin without stripping it of essential moisture. The “Ceramic Clay Cleanser” also includes rice and olive oil esters that help to balance and soften sensitive skin, and also Neroli extract; which helps to soothe and refresh your skin.

As far as packaging goes, the bottle got a makeover as well. Now the cleanser comes nicely packaged in a sleek, handy blue tube, in comparison to the former tan bottle with a pump dispenser. So it’s perfect for those of us that are “on-the-go”. Now, if all that wasn’t enough to entice you to be a part of #teamSundayRiley, the now lower price of only $35 should definitely make you a believer. The Sunday Riley “Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser” used to be priced at $45. So not only are you getting a new, sleek, ergonomic bottle and revamped ingredients; you’re also receiving a savings of $10. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold on Sunday Riley.

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