Aloha Construction Positive Reviews

To make any decision on the best service providers, you need to consider the customer reviews. When it comes to the repair and replacement of some parts of your house, Aloha Construction is the best option. But what do customers say about Aloha? Let’s have a look at BBB; Better Business Bureau reviews regarding Aloha Contractors. BBB is involved in offering various customers with genuine and credible reviews. Since 1912. Their objective is increasing the level of trust between businesses and customers. They do this by allowing clients to leave their testimonies and read through various reviews. They also commemorate those the highly frequent rated services providers. With high advancement in technology, you can now read through their online site at any time instead of visiting one of their 106 locations all over the United States. Every one of these single organization is privately incorporated into BBB network which is coordinated by the Council of BBB based in Arlington., Virginia.


BBB also offers a fancy Torch Award which featured businesses that post great performance and thus gets incredibly great reviews across the board. Aloha Construction has been annually presented in a global form since 1966 with both local and national awards ceremonies. In 2017, Aloha Construction emerged as the winner of the BBB Torch Award following their incredible Marketplace Ethics. This award recognized their philanthropy activities in conjunction with their forward-thinking culture. The BBB panel comprised 15 judges who were specifically interested in their employee work with sick children, incentive programs, their operations with Omni Youth Services, as well as their partnership with the Bloomington Illinois Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Apart from the positive reviews by BBB, Aloha Construction has also been certified with BBB since 2008. Their reviews have positively grown since then earning them even a greater name in the construction industry. They have 31 positive reviews which have given them an A+ rating and a 4.63 composite score out of 50-stars.

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