How Todd Levine Captures the Best Clients

Todd Levine is now one of the most sought after attorneys today. As the founding member and attorney of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L., he is always looking for ways to become known as the attorney to go to. What is it about Todd Levine that will make him the best choice for those who want to know who the true expert is?


Todd Levine knows that it’s important for clients to seek him out, rather than him seeking them out. Spending loads of money on advertising to get clients to call him hasn’t been as essential as him building long-term relationships and doing his job really well.


Levine and his partners are focused on resolving intense and complicated business disputes for their clients. They do focus on some key markets including real estate litigation, buyers and sellers, investors and contractors, along with many others involved in real estate transactions.


Todd Levine is known for handling some of the most complex cases, including the entertainment and sports industries as well. Oftentimes, these cases are riddled with issues related to investments and other financial arrangements between companies and even partners.


Interestingly, Todd Levine is a creative type and holds a deep love for music as a trained musician. Recently in an interview, he shared that he felt his creative skills and talents aided him in helping him to resolve these complex cases.


Graduating from The University of Florida in 1988 with a degree in finance, he was ready to move on to law school. He attended the Florida Levin College of Law where he eventually graduated in 1991. Where are his greatest ambitions and rewards today?


Levine has been recognized as the “go to” attorney in Real Estate Ligitation by the US News and the World Report in 2018. He received recognition and the award for Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation.


His unwavering dedication to his clients and their desire to accomplish their goals has made him successful in his career. Some would say that his skills are unmatched.

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