ClassDojo Leads The Way

ClassDojo is the foremost communication platform utilized by parents and teachers as a tool for creating a positive culture within classrooms worldwide. It’s an app crafted to help cultivate and improve upon community in educational environments by bringing parents and teachers together, empowering them through improved communication. The success of ClassDojo is impressive to say the least. Launched in 2011, the app has been embraced by the educational system as an empowering new tool for positive changes in classrooms everywhere. So far, ClassDojo has been utilized in one-hundred and eighty countries and translated into thirty-five languages. As of today, ClassDojo is in ninety percent of United States classrooms. Furthermore, ClassDojo has recently partnered up with Elon Musk’s private school Ad Astra, to cultivate a series of ‘Conundrums’, thinking puzzles designed for students and teachers, set to premier this coming fall. The ‘puzzles’ are crafted to reflect Ad Astra’s specific approach to critical thinking in the classroom. The way the ‘conundrums’ work is as flexible critical thinking questions and occasional ethical dilemmas’ posited to students, who consider the problems alongside their peers, collaborate to find a solution. The questions posed feature a level of detail and nuance beyond most curriculums below a high school level. It is interesting to note how the ‘conundrums’ function as a way of building community and teaching students to work with each other. It’s safe to say that ClassDojo is at the forefront of technology being built to enhance and improve upon the way children are taught today. ClassDojo’s platform builds skills for parents, teachers, and students alike. Through the app, teachers can share the accomplishments of their students with parents, with whom the can communicate with directly. This empowers the educational dynamic and helps everyone involved. ClassDojo is a customizable program so that teachers can adapt to their curriculums to suit the specific needs of their students. It’s free for teachers and is designed to be available to educators everywhere. It’s good to know that programs of integrity like ClassDojo exist, giving hope to students, parents, and teachers worldwide.

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