What Is Next For Lime Crime

Lime Crime was launched in 2008 by co founders Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere. Their brand was one of the first of its kind. It was a digital native brand that dared to explore trends and colors many other makeup companies shyed away from. Being a creative innovative brand has allowed this company to take the world by storm by rebelling against the beauty norms and creating a brand full of fun, fantasy and unicorns.

It has been ten years in the making that has gotten this company to being a brand that creates and sets the trends for others. Unicorn lipstick is now a thing because of how this company launched a new take on the way makeup was being done. When this company began the matte liquid lip gloss trend, that was even more proof that this company had staying power. From the colorful lip toppers to unicorn crazed hair color, this company has unleashed the power of unicorn expression in the form of bright lips and dazzling eyelids.

Tangram Capital Partners has acquired Lime Crime for many reasons. This digital first beauty brand exemplifies many qualities that go along with Tangram’s retail branded products portfolios. This brand is already an international success. Customers shop the Limecrime.com website from all over the world from Singapore to London to the United States. The company is high demand and is in bigtime retailers like Bloomingdales. Riley Rose and Ulta.com are other major retailers carrying the cosmetic products. In the United Kingdom, Cult Beauty is selling the brand’s vivid and well known unicorn hair color.

Tangram Capital Partners wants to advance this brand as a whole. Tangram has the expertise, experience and leadership to even push this already successful company to new heights. Tangram plans to launch this brand under their umbrella of beauty brands by creating a strategy destined for success. The product lineup will be advanced by adding additional categories. They will introduce the products to new retailers. Like always, Tangram will assure the already established customer base that Lime Crime will forever be a brand against animal testing.

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