Jim Toner and The Excellent Real Estate Ventures He Is Part Of

The world of real estate investment is a fluctuating, erratic and difficult industry to be successful at. You must have a high level of tolerance to failure. In the case of real estate investor and entrepreneur Jim Toner, he leads in the business because he is persistent and because he is generous in sharing his knowledge on how to succeed in the industry.

The Career

You might already have heard of the name Jim Toner in the Amazon’s list of business books. He is the real estate investor who both has enjoyed a good line of career in the real estate business while at the same time delves in radio show hosting, speaking and consultancy work. He is indeed one of the most qualified resource speakers in the industry in the field of real estate, considered to be in line with big guy investors such as Frank McKinney and Sharon Lechter.

We may also be able to say here that the Jim Toner’s success has also been so because of his active and personalized care that he puts in the consultancy work that he does. For example: when he is on air for his radio show, he always makes sure that he shares his personal experience, to the point probably of telling us what’s in his portfolio, just to let others know that he isn’t just for cheap words, but also in making sure that he has skin in the game. Skin in the game is the concept where you harm yourself first through your ideas before you put other people at risk. This gives people the transparency and the ethical business dealings that they want their consultant to have.

The Book

One of the latest books that Mr. Toner wrote is The Consumers Guide to Investment Real Estate: How To Profit In Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder. What this book does is make sure that people can get the basics of how real estate investment goes and how they can maximize their time and money in their real estate investments.

There are many snake oil peddlers and charlatans out there who write books that don’t say anything of value. In Jim Toner’s book, the highest value he puts out is the truth. He argues that many people would hate him for this, but this is still what he wants to do. He wants to share the truth because this is the way that people can achieve the financial freedom that they need. There is a lot of opportunities to be had in the current real estate market and it’s good to know that Jim Toner is creative and generous enough to share the ways that people can profit from them.

Source: https://www.score.org/mentors/jim-toner

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