Securus Technologies, Taking Steps For A Secure Future

Securus Technologies is making huge advances in its field. Along with these breakthroughs have come acquisitions. Most recently, Securus has acquired GovPayNet, a payment processor that works on behalf of many forms of government. If you’re unfamiliar with Securus Technologies; the company provides telecommunications services for correctional facilities. For internal clients, they provide monitoring of inmates’ communication, both inside the facility itself, and while communicating with those on the “outside.” They also provide software solutions to make the daily reporting and tasks easier for facility staff. For the external customers, they provide calling plans and alternative communication solutions that are budget friendly.


GovPayNet joins the Securus family along with JPay, another recent acquisition. JPay is known for providing financial services through funding of inmates’ accounts. The company has also recently started getting involved in the gadget business. Selling tablet computers to inmates; the company is providing a valuable service to help the inmates gain additional education, with a little extra entertainment. Wireless containment systems are also another project that’s anticipated to be a huge benefit and success. These devices are like cell towers and prevent communications from contraband wireless devices. This technology is critical, as many crimes have been tracked to illegal devices being used from within the correctional facilities. While still in testing, the project is expected to be rolled out into more facilities in the very near future.


Securus Technologies has also made news with its recent customer satisfaction scores. Getting an over 95 percent satisfaction score; customers are expressing their gratitude and satisfaction clearly. The company also earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Among the many areas factored into their scoring system, Securus scored high with an “A+” rating. The company is making advances not only in technology, but with their people skills as well. It should be interesting to see what developments are next, and how the new WCS technology affects the landscape of correctional facilities.


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