Betsy DeVos Keeps Changing the World

The Stoics from ancient Greece believed that one must improve continually. They also believed that the best way to accomplish this continuous improvement was to look up to a mentor. The idea was that you would see how they lived life and this would propel you to becoming a better person.


Still, to this day, mentoring is considered one of the best ways to grow personally. Now, reality dictates that we cannot always be mentored by the people we respect face-to-face. However, one does not need to have their mentor meet with them in order to grow. One can simply study the life of their mentor, and they will become better people.


Young girls today lack proper mentors that will propel them to reach their potential. However, there is a role model that can fill that gap, and her name is Betsy DeVos.


Young girls can learn from Betsy DeVos on the importance of starting strong and laying a good foundation. Betsy started well in life by attending Holland Christian Highschool, and later, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This foundation would not only serve her well in her political career but would ignite her passion for private education. While it is true that not everyone can start with a private education, everyone can use the schooling of their childhood to create that firm foundation.


Young girls can also learn from Betsy DeVos on the importance of advocating for one’s values. Betsy would continue the long-standing family tradition of joining the Republican Party. Betsy, however, was not one who wanted to sit on the sidelines. She got active. In 1992 she was elected as the Republican National Committeewoman. She served in this office for the Michigan district. In 1996 she was elected the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She would also serve at President Bush’s request as the finance chairperson for the Republican Senatorial Committee.


From here, young girls can also learn from Betsy DeVos the importance of pursuing one’s dream. Not only did she get politically active, but she advocated for school choice, vouchers, and charters. She believed in a free market education system. This passion and advocacy, mixed with her political career, made her Trump’s choice to nominate as the Secretary of Education.


The last thing that which young girls can learn from Betsy DeVos is to start something of their own. Betsy DeVos teamed up with her husband Dick to start the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation exists to strengthen our country through its advocacy of civilized virtues such as justice, leadership, fine arts, community, and education. The DeVos foundation has given over $139 million to support these causes.


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