The Growth and Expansion of the American Institute of Architects

     American Institute of Architects is a renowned association in the United States that promotes architects. The organization has its offices located in Washington, DC with over three hundred local and state branches across the universe. It has divisions in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe among others. The AIA was formed in 1857 after a partnership of thirteen architects. The company primarily focuses on supporting the art of architecture as well as the individuals who aspire to pursue the profession. American Institute of Architects earns an incredible reputation in the building and construction industry, through its collaboration with professional designers and engineers across the globe.

The organization prides itself on having five levels of membership, which includes architect members, associate members, international associate members, emeritus members and allied members. American Institute of Architects has a track record of over 88,000 registered members across the universe since its establishment. The association entails over two hundred workers who are managed by Robert Ivy and Thomas Vonier. The organization creates social awareness of the value of architecture through offering education to the public. It has several initiatives and programs that provide professional development opportunities for its members.

Robert Ivy is a fellow member of the American Institute of Architect. He currently serves the company as the chief executive officer as well as the executive vice president. Robert has been serving the firm for over six years since his appointment. He prides himself on holding a bachelor of arts degree from the University of the South, majoring in English. After completing his undergraduate program, Ivy joined Tulane University to pursue a postgraduate program specializing in architecture. Robert Ivy served several institutions including Mc Graw-Hill Construction Media, where he was appointed as the editorial director and president. During his tenure at Architectural Record, his stewardship as an editor in chief spearheaded the firm’s publication to be one of the most sought journals across the universe.

Alongside being a critic for several national publications, Robert Ivy served the Dean/Dale, and Dean & Ivy as a principal. He is a recipient of various awards for his outstanding endeavors as an editor. Some of the awards he received include the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence, Folio Design Awards, and the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year. Robert Ivy is also an author with several publications that are recognized across the globe. Fay Jones: Architect is one of his journals that he produced in 2001.

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