Why the Frontera Fund Was Started

There were many different things that went into the beginning of the Frontera Fund but the incident that was the catalyst was the fact that the men who now run the fund were arrested. Larkin and Lacey were working as reporters and were simply doing their duty in journalism to help report problems in the industry that they were looking at. This was something that was helpful for people who were migrants and who had their civil rights taken away from them. The men were doing nothing wrong since there was a constitutional amendment that allows everyone to have the freedom of speech. Larkin and Lacey were reporting on findings that they had uncovered at the local sheriff’s office. They wanted people to know about the things that were going on and that things were not legal in the areas that they were in. They also found corruption in the office.


Proving their point, the sheriff’s office arrested them under the control of Joe Arpaio. He wanted the men to be arrested and that was something that he did everything he could to make happen. Because they were still reporters, he had to find some other way to arrest them. He did it illegally and the men were jailed for something that wasn’t even a crime. It was a huge problem that they had to deal with and something that they knew they were going to have to work to be able to recover from in the different situations that they were in.


For Joe Arpaio, this was just another day in his corruption. He was doing everything that he could to arrest all of the people who were speaking out against him and part of that meant that he had to arrest Larkin and Lacey since he didn’t like what they had to say about him on their site. He also knew that they would be damaging to him if they were allowed to continue reporting on the things that he did. He didn’t want to risk losing his job, or worse, getting arrested for his corruption.


Larkin and Lacey did not go down without a fight, though. They knew that what the sheriff was doing was illegal and they fought against it. They decided that they were going to make sure that things were going their way and they even found an attorney who would help them. After their case was over, they decided that they didn’t want other people to have to suffer in the way that they did. For that reason, they chose to start Frontera Fund. This was something that allowed them the chance to try new things and to be able to help people get the opportunities that they need.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Still Combating Political Corruption

The Frontera Fund is a recent creation of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, former victims of corrupted Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. The journalists met in college, but dropped out to create their own newspaper.


The foundation was created to provide relief for the other victims of Joe Arpaio: the Latino community. The Frontera Fund assists charitable organizations such as 1070, Aliento, No Mas Muertes(No More Deaths), PACH and many more. The creation of The Frontera Fund comes post 3.75 million dollar settlement, which was a result of a lawsuit filed against Arpaio and Maricopa County.


Arpaio chose to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey when they published incriminating material against him in their former newspaper. The two of them were pulled from there homes and transported by unmarked van to separate jails. They were quickly released and a multiple million dollar lawsuit was filed.


The journalistic team have also decided to create a new newspaper. Front Page Confidential was not only made as a replacement for The Phoenix New Times(their former paper), but is a more focused and goal oriented publication. Lacey and Larkin, being victims of an oppressive politician themselves, have decided to put their pen to page in order to inform citizens of political oppression.


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