A Look At The Profile Of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is a renowned biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey. The company went public in 2007. It was financed by various venture capital firms, including Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Radius Ventures. Amicus Therapeutics deals with rare and orphan diseases, primarily lysosomal storage disorders. They develop enzyme replacement therapies (ERRs) on the platform of Chaperon- Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART). In 2014, Amicus Therapeutics stood out in the pharmaceutical industry when it was named “Broadest Portfolio of small molecules pharmacological chaperones.” The company’s first drug candidate is migalastat, a therapy used to stabilize endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase in Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics also entered a three-year partnership with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline in the clinical trials of the co-formulation with recombinant alpha-galactosidase.

In 2008, Amicus Therapeutics expanded its operations to San Diego where they built a new research site. Michael J. Fox Foundation funded their research at UCLA, which was collaborated by David Geffen School of Medicine, with $500,000. Their pre-clinical partnership with Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai also received $210,300 from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation in 2012 (https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FOLD?ltr=1). The company acquired Callidus Biopharma in 2013, which helped them to expand their enzyme replacement therapy development for the treatment of Pompe disease. This was followed by the acquisition of Scioderm in 2015.

The company’s stable presence in the industry has been driven by its visionary leadership. John F. Crowley serves as CEO and chairman of the board. John’s transformative leadership is driven by his desire to deliver solutions to the orphan disease community (GoogleFinance). His mission is inspired by a first-hand experience where two of his children were diagnosed with Pompe disease in 1998. John holds a BS in Foreign Service and an MBA from the George Washington University and Harvard University respectively. He also holds a J.D from the University of Notre Dame Law School. Bradley L. Campbell is the president and COO of Amicus Therapeutics. He has over 15 years of experience in the orphan drug. Bradley has worked for top companies in the industry. He is a graduate of Duke University and Harvard University where he attained his B.A in Public Policy and earned his MBA respectively.

The Role of the Osteo Relief Institute in Management of Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a common disorder that affects the joints. It develops as people age and mostly occurs among women. There are different forms of arthritis and osteoarthritis is the most common one. An individual with this particular condition will experience degeneration of the soft tissue found between the joints. Since cartilage is broken down, only bone is left. The friction that takes place when the bones rub against each other causes pain. This will lead to swelling and stiffness around the area. Eventually, the pain becomes chronic and unbearable for any individual. There are different factors that put individuals at risk for osteoarthritis. Some include previous injury and having excessive weight. Those with a family history of this condition are also at risk.

There is no known cure for this ailment but there are different ways to manage the pain. This involves exercise and specific medical treatments. Physical activity may hurt for those with arthritis. However, it helps prevent loss of mobility in the affected region. Too much stress on the joints should be avoided as it leads to more pain. Due to this, gentle exercises should be selected. These include stretching and gradual training to increase the strength of the joints. Physical therapy is among the common options used during treatment. It is often an alternative to surgery if an individual stays committed to the treatment. Therapy teaches the patients how to move and minimize the pain that they experience. Surgery is not an option that should be ruled out. However, patients need to be aware of the pros and cons of going for this option.


The Osteo relief institute is a facility based in New Jersey that caters to patients with osteoarthritis. It aims to relieve patients of the pain they have to endure and if not so, just lessen the amount of pain they feel. The Osteo relief institute invests in the most advanced treatments to ensure this. Experts in the institute stay up to date with any technological changes that occur and may be instrumental during the treatment processes for patients in the Osteo relief institute. The equipment functions to identify where the pain is from through screening and provide accurate treatment for the individual.

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Tony Petrello; Highest Paid Ceo in 2013, America

Anthony G. Petrello is the current president, CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Nabors Industries Ltd. Anthony G. Petrello is a businessman who owns Nabors Industries which was founded as Anglo Energy Ltd in 1968. The company is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. It is an oil, gas and geothermal drilling company operating in the Americas, Africa, The Far East and The Middle East. It also facilitates on shore drilling services in North America. Mr. Petrello holds a Degree from Harvard Law School and Mathematics Degrees from Yale University and more information click here.


Tony Petrello made a total compensation of $15,202, 689 for the fiscal year of 2016. A total of $1,575,000 was received as a salary and learn more about Anthony.

News Feed From Room Mate: Lloyd Grove

Lloyd Grove could not believe his eyes when he was browsing through the internet one day and found out that his once-18-year-old friend, whom he shared a room with in college, was listed as the highest paid CEO. Grove narrates that Petrello was an American- Italian with a thick Jersey accent who would like joking a lot including his family’s supposed connection to the mob. Grove says that Petrello was a mathematical genius who would sometimes scribble theorems on greasy napkins. Petrello was so bright that he was supposed to follow in the footsteps of a world famous mathematician called Prof. Serge Lang. Lang- says Grove- who died in 2005 would have been so disappointed to hear that Petrello opted to study law instead of becoming his protégé and his Twitter.

Family Background

Tony Petrello married his college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa. She was a soap opera actress and producer and together they started a family. When their daughter Carena was born prematurely and with complications, they donated $7 million for research at the neurological research facility at Texas Children’s hospital.

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Why the Frontera Fund Was Started

There were many different things that went into the beginning of the Frontera Fund but the incident that was the catalyst was the fact that the men who now run the fund were arrested. Larkin and Lacey were working as reporters and were simply doing their duty in journalism to help report problems in the industry that they were looking at. This was something that was helpful for people who were migrants and who had their civil rights taken away from them. The men were doing nothing wrong since there was a constitutional amendment that allows everyone to have the freedom of speech. Larkin and Lacey were reporting on findings that they had uncovered at the local sheriff’s office. They wanted people to know about the things that were going on and that things were not legal in the areas that they were in. They also found corruption in the office.


Proving their point, the sheriff’s office arrested them under the control of Joe Arpaio. He wanted the men to be arrested and that was something that he did everything he could to make happen. Because they were still reporters, he had to find some other way to arrest them. He did it illegally and the men were jailed for something that wasn’t even a crime. It was a huge problem that they had to deal with and something that they knew they were going to have to work to be able to recover from in the different situations that they were in.


For Joe Arpaio, this was just another day in his corruption. He was doing everything that he could to arrest all of the people who were speaking out against him and part of that meant that he had to arrest Larkin and Lacey since he didn’t like what they had to say about him on their site. He also knew that they would be damaging to him if they were allowed to continue reporting on the things that he did. He didn’t want to risk losing his job, or worse, getting arrested for his corruption.


Larkin and Lacey did not go down without a fight, though. They knew that what the sheriff was doing was illegal and they fought against it. They decided that they were going to make sure that things were going their way and they even found an attorney who would help them. After their case was over, they decided that they didn’t want other people to have to suffer in the way that they did. For that reason, they chose to start Frontera Fund. This was something that allowed them the chance to try new things and to be able to help people get the opportunities that they need.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Still Combating Political Corruption

The Frontera Fund is a recent creation of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, former victims of corrupted Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. The journalists met in college, but dropped out to create their own newspaper.


The foundation was created to provide relief for the other victims of Joe Arpaio: the Latino community. The Frontera Fund assists charitable organizations such as 1070, Aliento, No Mas Muertes(No More Deaths), PACH and many more. The creation of The Frontera Fund comes post 3.75 million dollar settlement, which was a result of a lawsuit filed against Arpaio and Maricopa County.


Arpaio chose to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey when they published incriminating material against him in their former newspaper. The two of them were pulled from there homes and transported by unmarked van to separate jails. They were quickly released and a multiple million dollar lawsuit was filed.


The journalistic team have also decided to create a new newspaper. Front Page Confidential was not only made as a replacement for The Phoenix New Times(their former paper), but is a more focused and goal oriented publication. Lacey and Larkin, being victims of an oppressive politician themselves, have decided to put their pen to page in order to inform citizens of political oppression.


Getting To Know Osteoarthritis and Its Management

Arthritis is not a well understood disease yet it is quite common among people. Arthritis refers to the general joint pains affecting people. There exists more than 100 types of arthritis and a population of over 50 million American adults suffer from at least one of the types. It is prone at old age and especially in women. The disease condition may lead to disability in the long-run if the patient fails to manage it.  Its characteristics are worsening of the non-vascular connective tissue that are found in between joints.


Dr. Matthew revealed that the non-muscular tissue wears away after it has broken down leading to the rubbing of bone against bone. The condition then leads to stiffness, pain and swelling. The joints lose strength over time and the pain is prolonged. There are a variety of treatment techniques of quality life protection and pain management as there is no cure for arthritis.

(Relief Options)

Factors that may make one prone to osteoarthritis are old age, having been previously injured, history of the family, and excessive weight. As osteoarthritis is prone to worsening and cannot be cured,however, self-management is key for the patients to prevent the condition from negatively impacting them at a fast rate. The self-management elements employed to ensure a reliable and successful living include medical treatment and exercise.


New Jersey’s Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute aims at providing quality and effective OA knee treatment to their patients. Their patients are always ready to have a turn-around in their health life and have them return to their normal life activities. The modern technology used by Osteo Relief Institute sees to it that both severe Osteoarthritis and minor pains are worked on by the use of various medical options.


In using the most modern technology, they ensure that they provide quality treatment to their knee osteoarthritis patients. Osteo Relief Institute offers free introductory screening to check if their treatment options will offer relief to their patients which they are in dire need of! Their aim is to have everyone live with minimal discomfort and lead a normal happy life.

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