Lime Crime’s Hot New Color Scandal


When it comes to making a statement, very few cosmetic brands can achieve the desired effects. Many of these brands just don’t want to evolve in fear of losing customers, but more so a fear of losing profits. In business, taking risks are all a part of the game no matter what products/services you’re selling. Lime Crime on the other hand, has no problem with change since it has always been an a bit different and it’s all new matte finish lipstick has began to create a stir. “Scandal” is the name and creating a bit of controversy is the game. It’s very name personifies what it’s truly about as gives the user attitude, edge, and sex appeal.


This product is the real deal especially when it’s compared to similar products of other brands. Adding drama to your pout is simple is easily done by applying lip balm to the lips, allow it to set for about 15 minutes, pat away any excess material, then apply this unique Velvetine directly on to the lips. That’s it! For those who want a more refined edge, try using a lip brush for better end results. Scadal is about to set the world on fire thanks to Lime Crime’s 2.6 Million social media followers. This is revolution is at it’s finest which has made this “cult favorite” brand the best in the business.


Founder Doe Deere has come up with a winner and soon the entire world will be rocking with a “punk edge.” US Weekly stated that the intense plum purple lipsticks are sure to ooze sex appeal. Scandal is just like the other exclusive lipsticks from Lime Crime as they are 100% Vegan, Long Lasting, Animal Cruelty-Free, Touch Proof, and Dramatically Amazing.  See them in action on Lime Crime’s Facebook feed, which has tons of pictures of the new Scandal.  Otherwise you can shop for them on Love Makeup, as well as Doll’s Kill.

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